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Mosquito Spray

Why would I want to have your mosquito spray company protect my yard?​

There are so many things that can be avoided by spraying your yard. A multitude of illnesses crop up every year from ticks, mosquitoes and other blood sucking predators. Sometimes it feels as if we are helpless. To DEET or not to that the only question? NO! What else can we do to avoid the bite? It's time to ask ourselves, since the skin is our largest organ, how many times do we want to bathe it in chemicals to keep those bloodsuckers at bay? 


Our company will spray the ornamentals in your yard...not flowering plants as we are lovers of honeybees. The product lasts about 21 days and kills more than 70 types of creepy crawlies (including spiders).


It's time to treat the enviroment in which mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, etc...thrive in and keep our bodies free of insecticides.

Our mosquito spray company is INSURED, NC LICENSED and CERTIFIED TO SPRAY effectively against the pests that wreck havoc on our happy families. 

The chemical used is Bifenthrin and here's a link to Talstar's website for additional information.


Your yard is safe for everyone including pets within 30 minutes after application or until spray has dried on your plants and ornamentals, whichever is first.


OUR GUARANTEE...if within 21 days of a mosquito spray application there is moquito activity, we will spray a second application at no charge. us at 910-309-5103. We are always happy to talk to you and answer any questions you have!


Anytime you hire someone...ask them to show you that they are licensed to spray in NC. It makes a difference and you can feel confident knowing that the person IN YOUR YARD has the certification, insurance and experience that you'd want! 

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