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2017 - Spring and the coming season.

Hello everyone!

Believe it or not, I've been spraying already this year. We had a warm spell a few weeks ago and my customers started calling me! I would have never guessed that February would have been the beginning of the bug season, but the recent cold snap has likely reversed that trend and thankfully so.

From experience, I've noticed that when temperatures are in the 70 degree range or close to it, dormant eggs will hatch and begin the larval stages. All you need is that little bit of warmth, water and time before the mosquitoes will be bothering you. That said, I believe that the general warming we expect in March and April are coming in the next couple of weeks and I expect to start hearing more from my customers.

With my service, there is no contract and therefore no official beginning of the season. My customers make it clear when they want to start/stop any service I provide. The generally accepted period of time between applications is three weeks. The chemical I apply in your yard lasts roughly 21 days before breaking down and losing it's effectiveness. Applications are $45 each and come with a guaranty to work including another application at no charge at your request if you haven't noticed significant improvement. No bank drafts required and no contracts like my competitors are using. I accept cash, checks or I can email you an invoice that you can pay online if you are comfortable with doing so.

I am insured, licensed and certified as an applicator through the NC Department of Agriculture by law. You can rest assured that I am qualified to help you get rid of those pests that will ruin your outdoor environment at home.

Call me at 910-309-5103 and let's get started soon!

Scott Sessoms

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