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2021 Mosquito Forecast for our area.

2021 Mosquito Forecast for the Southeast

In 2021, it’s expected that these mosquito populations will be average or slightly above average. This is due to a wetter-than-normal outlook for the summer as well as temperatures that will be average or slightly above average, according to the National Weather Service.

Mosquito season will start around mid-February to early April, depending how far north your state is in the region. For example, South Florida’s mosquito season will have started in February while Tennessee’s mosquito season will start around the beginning of April once the temperatures are more consistently warm.

In the Southeast, mosquitoes may never become dormant, especially in Florida. However, if there are any stretches (a week or two) where the temperature drops below 50 at night, then mosquitoes will die down until the following year. This happens around mid-October or early November in this region.

Source :,mosquito%20populations%20to%20follow%20suit.


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